Cornish Vegan Soap

Sebon. Cornish verb for 'soap'


About Us

Luxury, natural, vegan soap, handmade in Cornwall

Our soaps are environmentally friendly, natural, luxury and sustainable, free from animal cruelty, and free from plastic

All of our soaps are created from a base of Olive Oil, Rapeseed Oil, and Coconut oil blended with Sweet almond oil, Shea Butter, 100% pure plant essential oils, with plant leaf and flower infusions. That is all! No preservatives, no artifical colours, no 'hardeners', no palm oil, no castor oil, no parabens, No SLS. No plastic!

All of the plants used in our soaps are harvested sustainably from our Cornish garden, making sure to leave and grow more for wildlife to use

We are committed to being as zero-waste as possible. We do not use plastic in our soap or in our packaging. Using bar soap is just one way you can avoid plastic in your bathroom

See here for more information about our ingredients

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Thank you for my gorgeous soaps that arrived at the beginning of lockdown when I couldn't get hold of any! Not only was the perfectly timed but I have asthma and allergies which is normally aggravated by scented things, however these soaps have a gentle subtle fragrance which don't irritate my allergies. Also the actual soap is kind and gentle on my skin. Even better is the fact these soaps are vegan friendly. Whilst i am not a vegan i am trying to make changes here and there which are better for the environment. Thank you Cornish Vegan Soap. Vicky


These smell amazing! Lovely soap


Lovely creamy lather. I had never seen this scent before so tried it and is a nice earthy, herbal scent. Not overtly masculine or feminine. Not overpowering but lingered on my hands for ages after use. Will likely repurchase as it's nicely different from my usual scents


I have looked everywhere for a vegan AND Cornish soap. THis company combines the two perfectly!


The soap smells absolutely beautiful and looks so pretty. I don't want to use it it's so lovely!

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